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Standing in God's Waiting Room

Waiting. Standing. Sitting. Waiting.

Waiting is not my strong suite. I am a now, go, go kind of person. The world teaches us, in order to get what we want and even what we deserve, we better get up and go get it. You are the creator of you own destiny- your future.

What if this is all wrong? What if this is so backwards that we put ourselves in states of anxiety and depression? What if instead of believing we are on our own, we followed the footsteps of our creator- God? Now, I am not saying that anyone should just have a seat and not work at what we want. But, what I am saying is,

maybe instead of thinking we are to do all the work ourselves, maybe we think about a partnership with God.

What if today you took that leap and stood still knowing there is someone who hears your cries and your pain? Could the waiting room be less lonely? Could we find the light in the middle of the darkness?

These are things are have to actively tell myself as I am standing in God's waiting room. I am in His waiting room often- more often than I would like, but when I remind myself I am not alone in this, I manage to pull myself out of bed. I manage to keep going even when I don't have the strength to even hope any longer.

For now, I will wait for whatever is next for me, knowing I am sitting and standing in His Holy waiting room.

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