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Nature vs. Nurture

What if today you nurtured the choices you have made instead of focusing on the mistakes you have made? I think it is in our nature, as sinful beings, to focus on what we have done wrong or our #mistakes. This keeps us from experiencing #joy and #peace. That's Satans way. The negative loop is what I call it. I'm not saying that is not important to self reflect and learn from our mistakes- this is clearly the way we all learn and grow. Maybe I'm the only one, but I obsess over the mistakes I have made. If I would have done this! Or, how did not see that! Then starts the guilt, the blame game, the loss of self esteem and confidence, and round the cycle I go. I'm stupid, worthless, less than, not worthy of love, no wonder I am here and SHE is there. But the truth is, all those things I have told myself are really not true. I KNOW they are not true, yet and still, I keep telling myself the same things- my #nature is to blame myself, obsess over my mistakes. I wonder,

what if I put down my natural instincts to be unkind and unforgiving to myself and picked up the nurturing thoughts?

Nurturing thoughts look something like what you might say to your friend. If you're like me and don't really have friends, perhaps it's something you would say to a child or someone you feel compassion for. Compassion is being able to feel the pain of someone else while being patient, kind, loving, and supportive. I don't know about you, but I am not very compassionate with myself. So, what if today, we all put down the pressure and unkindess to ourselves and #nurtured ourselves with self-compassion? #prayerbox4u #prayer #selfcare #compassion

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