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losT my minD

Maybe I have just lost my mind. Who quits their job and starts an online business selling prayer gift boxes? People in this world give gifts that come from big time celebrities backing them or that have big huge price tags because if you give a gifts that "costs" a lot of money then you (the gift giver) must mean something and the person receiving the gift means a little something at that moment. Do gifts actually mean anything anymore? Does it actually matter to pay attention to what someone says or what they are going through in their life and give a gift that shows you were listening? In today's world are we really listening to listen or are we listening to hear ourselves talk- to get our turn? I may not have all the answers but I do know every single day I open up any social media apps, the continuous posts of pain and suffering people are feeling are real. I also know that designer bags, shoes, clothes, and so on are not going to help any of that pain. Listen, as someone who has spent 20 years selling cars, yes you heard me- I may have been leading the dealerships, but at the end of the day, my job was to sell cars- that new car smell fades away and all that is left is a car payment each month. So, what will help all that pain? Honestly, I don't have all the answers. I have been searching for them 37 years. But- self-care does go a long way. Knowing someone is listening goes a long way. Getting an unexpected gift from someone who is listening with tangible items to help with self-care helps even more. So, maybe I have lost my mind, but if losing my mind means that I will have helped at least 1 person- then it's a job done. Thank you Jesus. #selfcare #help #lostmymind #success #next #prayer #prayerbox4u #jesus #amen #help #restore #renew #depression #gifts #intention

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