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Freedom Chains

The mind is such an amazing piece of art God created. The brain is the central control of our entire body and is the source to know Him. On the other hand, our brains fail us every day. People have been studying the brain for hundreds of years, and yet we still know very little about how it works. Today while listening to the Christian Radio Station on my phone I heard several songs about being freed from chains- as a blessing from God. It got me thinking- I pictured someone breaking free from handcuffs, but then I started to ask myself - is that all it takes to break free? I do believe God free's us from the chains of guilt, shame, and so on, but I think of it as being more like chains to freedom. To live with contentment and joy- to be able to live guilt and shame free, we must first be able to comprehend the need to chain ourselves to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (The Trinity). If you attempt to convince your mind you are all the sudden freed from the chains of this fallen world, shortly thereafter you may find yourself with the same thoughts which then lead to the same devastating behaviors. So what if the answer is to chain yourself to freedom? It is an honest and more accurate view point which allows our minds a tangible tool to keep us going. Freedom chains remind us to tell Satan he's not going to use our past sins against us- We are forgiven. Freedom chains are what I choose to tether myself to in order to keep going, because otherwise this brain of mine will get things twisted up and eventually chained back to the thoughts of this fallen world.

You can look up now. You can step into the light. You are chained to freedom.

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